сряда, 30 януари 2013 г.

Alexis Mabille Spring 2013 Haute Couture.

Haute Couture week, my lovelies. The fairytail-est time of the year, at least for me. Paris, embroideries, luxury, a little taste of red carpet…sparkle, sparkle, spakle…I have always wondered what’s the feel to be a guest at an haute couture show, being so near to all that beauty and magnificence, but…well, maybe I’ll never understand :D

As one of my favorite designers is Elie Saab, I usually make posts about his show during the Haute Couture week, but this time it’ll be a bit different. Of course, don’t get me wrong, Elie’s show was fantastic as usual, but I really think he maybe needs a little bit of new and different inspiration for his next show. So, my present favorite couture-treasures – the creations of Alexis Mabille.

Well, now I see why Mr. Mabille got into the haute couture club. His work, at least according to me - little bit of Dior, Saab, Valentino as well…We have pants - unusual, but really well cut and sexy, transparent blouses…sparkles, of course :D and details, details, beautiful details! He caught my eye  last year and already has a place in my little fashion heart J

Tony SHT.

Images from : style.com

вторник, 22 януари 2013 г.

Winter sales are here!!!

I doubt that there’s a fashion freak out there who doesn’t know that YES! Here are the winter sales already. I have a kind of a wish-list, made in December, which I highly intend to fulfill in January  :D And, of course, I already made a little tour around my favorite fashion shops, not buying anything, just researching :D As I was passing by all the dresses, pants, parkas and whatever on sales, I actually found out that, step by step, I’m overcoming my lust for shopping and uncontrolled desire to buy everything I like. Lucky me! So I came home and succeeded to reduce my winter wish-list to the minimum. Here’s what left at the end:

1       Black short skirt

I count it to the basics. I don’t own one, I admit. I have a red leather one, but not a black one. And I desperately need one. This one from Bershka.

2       Big black bag

The 3 B’s. OK, I need a new bag. And let it be BIG, ‘cause I’m pretty tired of dragging to the university my bag, laptop bag and one other bag and 1000 bags more, because all my stuff cannot fit in just one, huge enough. So, black…it’s basics, you know, I’m open to other colors too, if I like the model. Here are some pieces…from Zara.

3       Burgundy ankle thick-heeled boots

I kind of became a fan of ankle boots. I’m really tired of wearing only my comfortable ones, no heel at all. So I need little height. And burgundy? I almost have only black pairs of winter shoes, so diversity is always welcomed. These lovelies from Topshop.

4       Black leather shorts

They’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and look super comfy and elegant as well! The only problem – I tried them and I’m not really sure if they suit me well :D From Zara.

5       Winter parka

It’s again from Zara and I’m still wondering about this one, if it should stay in the list or not. I actually mostly need the hood, because it’s life-saving with all the misty Berlin rain. Still wondering…still wondering…shouldn’t buy if I’m wondering at all, no?

So…I think that’s it. There’s a terrifying 70% Sale on Amazon…I’ll try really hard sticking to my list this time, fingers crossed!

Tony SHT.

Images from: Zara.com, bershka.com, topshop.com

четвъртък, 17 януари 2013 г.


So…being a student in Berlin has its own pretty little sides, when it comes to styling.
Firstly, you couldn’t care less about the clothes you are wearing – nobody actually cares, people respect your own style and don’t judge you with a skeptical look if you’re wearing your grandma’s shoes and bag.

Secondly, everybody is so different, colorful, shining with his/her own brightness, that you just couldn’t take a little of that inspiration and drag it into your own style and way of living.

Thirdly…layers, layers, layers! Yes, I’m putting a t-shirt, but also a vest, cardigan, pullover, jacket, coat, poncho, scarf…everything to keep me warm. Enough warm that my legs can actually  stay naked under the skirt.  (happens really often!)

So, a couple of rules. And something of me, not my very best really. Long live my black thights!

Shirt (under) – Stradivarius; shirt (over) – New Yorker; cardigan – thrifted; thights – H&M; socks – Stradivarius; boots – unknown; hat/gloves – H&M; coat – Rosita; scarf – unknown Berlin shop; ring – vintage.

Tony SHT.