четвъртък, 17 януари 2013 г.


So…being a student in Berlin has its own pretty little sides, when it comes to styling.
Firstly, you couldn’t care less about the clothes you are wearing – nobody actually cares, people respect your own style and don’t judge you with a skeptical look if you’re wearing your grandma’s shoes and bag.

Secondly, everybody is so different, colorful, shining with his/her own brightness, that you just couldn’t take a little of that inspiration and drag it into your own style and way of living.

Thirdly…layers, layers, layers! Yes, I’m putting a t-shirt, but also a vest, cardigan, pullover, jacket, coat, poncho, scarf…everything to keep me warm. Enough warm that my legs can actually  stay naked under the skirt.  (happens really often!)

So, a couple of rules. And something of me, not my very best really. Long live my black thights!

Shirt (under) – Stradivarius; shirt (over) – New Yorker; cardigan – thrifted; thights – H&M; socks – Stradivarius; boots – unknown; hat/gloves – H&M; coat – Rosita; scarf – unknown Berlin shop; ring – vintage.

Tony SHT.

3 коментара:

  1. Много харесвам зеления цвят на шала ти! Хубав аутфит!


  2. много сладко! Шалът и палтото ти са страхотни :)



  3. Cute outfit!

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