сряда, 30 януари 2013 г.

Alexis Mabille Spring 2013 Haute Couture.

Haute Couture week, my lovelies. The fairytail-est time of the year, at least for me. Paris, embroideries, luxury, a little taste of red carpet…sparkle, sparkle, spakle…I have always wondered what’s the feel to be a guest at an haute couture show, being so near to all that beauty and magnificence, but…well, maybe I’ll never understand :D

As one of my favorite designers is Elie Saab, I usually make posts about his show during the Haute Couture week, but this time it’ll be a bit different. Of course, don’t get me wrong, Elie’s show was fantastic as usual, but I really think he maybe needs a little bit of new and different inspiration for his next show. So, my present favorite couture-treasures – the creations of Alexis Mabille.

Well, now I see why Mr. Mabille got into the haute couture club. His work, at least according to me - little bit of Dior, Saab, Valentino as well…We have pants - unusual, but really well cut and sexy, transparent blouses…sparkles, of course :D and details, details, beautiful details! He caught my eye  last year and already has a place in my little fashion heart J

Tony SHT.

Images from : style.com

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