вторник, 19 февруари 2013 г.

New skirty rock!

Yey! I’m a total loser at shopping, I think I should finally admit it. After I rethought my winter shopping wishlist once again, I decided to throw away some of the things. I was really full of hope that I could buy the rest, but…nope, success not found. The only thing that I finally bought and it was near to the wanted item was this skirt from Bershka. It’s black and has a zipper on the back, actually pretty comfy. So, here’s my only “new-in” .  Gosh, I really really hope I’ll have more luck with the spring stuff :D

Meanwhile…I’m going back to Bulgaria this week for my term holiday, all my end-term exams are back in the history…I hoped to have a couple of nice and relaxing days in Berlin, but unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans and I spend these days stuck home with flu…nice, huh? Nevermind, really gonna miss the city for a month, but will also enjoy some nice time with family and friends at home. As I repeat to myself these days – Breath in, breath out, life’s beautiful. Have a nice week everyone!

Oh, oh, one more thing – do you like my new header? I really think this one’s the one that I’m staying with for now J

And really really last! :D Since I’m a step forward with technologies and have a smartphone, you can now follow me on Instagram here.

Tony SHT.

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