събота, 23 март 2013 г.

I heart Charlotte Olympia!

Shoes, shoes, shoes… high-heels, flats, classical or extravagant, with kitten faces or flowers or whatsoever on them– we all love them, especially when they’re labeled Charlotte Olympia! I was surfing around net-a-porter.com recently, haven’t done it for a long time and…ta-da! All these beauties on my desktop, helloooo!
What impressed me at first sight were  these yellow-colored heels with the flower on them, then I dig a little more and found the others…perfection! They’re not too simple, but also not too, hm, bombastic! :D Most of them could be an elegant addition to a simpler outfit, bringing some freshness in it J Enjoy!

Tony SHT.

Images from: net-a-porter.com

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